All our vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and requirements. Buses are not only kept clean on the outside, but are in excellent shape under the hood as well.

In addition to that, we had initiated steps to provide maximum possible safety to students who are travelling in or buses by providing options of having security systems installed in the buses such as:

  • Voice Reminder System
  • GPS Tracking System
  • Tablet – based attendance System
  • CCTV Cameras and DVR
  • No child left behind button



The Yellow School Bus

Yellow school bus – With their extensive safety features and highly trained drivers, school buses are the safest form of transportation for getting children to and from school. The yellow school bus possesses superior safety equipment. The special yellow color is supplemented by distinctive black markings and lights, all aimed at making the bus visible in various kinds of weather and traffic. Buses are equipped with stop arms and red flashing lights alert. Motorists to children unloading and loading the bus and laws have been enacted to punish those motorists who refuse to stop.




We offer option of having GPS system, which can pinpoint bus location, provide detailed route analysis, and offer turn-by-turn route planning. Gain peace of mind with real-time bus tracking and location information on all school buses equipped with this state-of-the-art technology.


CCTV on Board

We had installed Video Surveillance System (CCTVs) in some of our buses in collaboration with G4S. This is another major initiative taken to provide maximum possible safety to the students traveling in the buses. We have carried out due diligence to ensure that the Video Surveillance System is fault proof and cannot be tampered with. The system would provide recording on the purpose built rugged Digital Video Recorder (DVR). As such not only will the children be protected through the physical deterrent of continuous monitoring during travel, but evidence will also be recorded in the event of any untoward incident occurring. This evidence will be stored in a tamper proof DVR for a significant period of time (more than 900 hours) and will provide indisputable corroboratory evidence when required


Education & Safety Programs

Our innovative Safety Program includes:

  • Hiring: Candidates must have a clean license with minimum two years experience of driving heavy bus, criminal background check, reference check, drug screen, and a structured interview before even being considered for employment and training;
  • Training: By exceeding RTA procedures for 
    school bus driver, we ensure that each driver is the best trained, best qualified they can be;
  • Annual Driving Evaluations for all drivers;
  • Recognition for employees with accident-free performance; and
  • Refresher seminars and training – All drivers go through a monthly refresher seminar/training program.

MAVERICK maintain an outstanding safety record. In year 2009, we have met zero major accident – Thanks GOD and good training.


Special Programs

We do everything we can to ensure our employees put safety first, above all else. But, we don’t stop there. We also work to teach our passengers and their communities how to be safe on and off the school bus.

We instruct students on proper entry and exit of the bus, emergency evacuation techniques and general school bus safety. By using live demonstrations and educational materials, drivers teach students how to enjoy a safe trip to and from school.

Throughout the year, our safety education programs focus on safety around the bus’s “Danger Zone,” emergency evacuations, and safe riding procedures.

We reward and recognize drivers with accident-free records every year through our safety recognition programs. Depending on performance, drivers receive cash and prizes and are treated to an evening of fellowship with their colleagues at the annual banquet.


 Maintenance Standards

Our school partners benefit from our preventive maintenance program. Buses are not only kept clean on the outside, but are in excellent shape under the hood as well.

Vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and requirements. Our preventive maintenance program will meet and exceed RTA requirements. In addition, we will follow our company’s preventive maintenance program, which includes the following:

  • Daily pre-trip and post trip safety inspection by the driver
  • Inspection of belts, hoses, and fluid levels at each fueling of the vehicle
  • Defects found as a result of the above inspections will be repaired immediately if safety related; otherwise, they will be made at the next preventive maintenance inspection
  • A preventive maintenance inspection, covering safety and other mechanical components, will be conducted by trained maintenance technicians following strict schedules according to specified days and km
  • Manufacturer recommendations will be followed or exceeded on all scheduled maintenance programs, i.e., oil changes, lubrication, belt and hose replacements, component replacements, etc.

Each of our buses is scheduled for regular preventive maintenance inspection according to km traveled.